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Epiphany Appointments

Serving you with Integrity, Empathy, and Excellence

We help busy professionals execute administrative tasks quickly.

We offer professional writing services, resume reviews, and more. Browse through our site to see everything we have to offer!

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Epiphany Appointments

Are you a small business needing a Project Administrator, but don't want to pay a full-time salary or benefits?

Epiphany Appointments is a full service administrative and professional writing firm that handles your business needs for you! 

Hiring an Administrative Assistant, or Project Administrator on an as-needed or rolling basis is cost-effective and convenient. We strive to conduct all business with:

Emotional Intelligence
and, a Christian-based hustle

We offer writing, scheduling, calling, and other professional services with a quick turnaround.

Are you a busy professional and need someone to represent you on business call, or want someone to make those 25 phone calls so you don't have to?

Browse through the comprehensive range of services below to learn more about Epiphany Appointments. We're making business easier and more efficient. Let us do it for you! 

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We handle your administrative tasks!

Are you a business with a "Help Wanted" ad? Hire a temporary Assistant to perform the administrative work while we also help you fill the position. We can  screen applicants and recruit for you.

Job seekers:

Need an outdated resume updated for the new 2022 marketplace? Book a Resume Review appointment for a 30-minute Zoom call. We will ensure your resume has the two key components todays recruiters want. We HAVE the Inside scoop!

Interview prep is also available and can be bundled into a resume package uniquely designed for you!

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Scheduling Appointments and Facilitating Zoom Meetings!

Are you too busy to schedule appointments with multiple clients?

We will schedule clients for you, facilitate a zoom meeting between clients, for your church function, or even family members! 

Unable to attend a meeting?

We will attend your virtual meeting on your behalf.

What to expect:

  • a fully typed report of the meeting 

  • professional dress, positive attitude, and strong rapport building with those on the other side

Have a phone meeting you can't join, but don't want to miss? Hire an Administrative Assistant to call in for you! We'll take notes, and send you a full written report of all items discussed.

Church function? We can schedule and facilitate prayer meetings and/or fellowship sessions, even family functions!

Book an appointment today!


Write professional letters and emails, for you!

Need to write a business letter, but don't have the time to do it?

We write:

  • office memorandum

  • business letters and offer letters

  • emails and newsletters

With over ten years of professional work experience, writing and editing is our wheelhouse. ​

Schedule a free 30 minute call today! Or, submit a service ticket in the "Get in Touch" page.

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Make customer or client calls, for you!

Work smarter, not harder

Have a list of ten, twenty, or even fifty numbers on your "need to call" list? Have a candidate you'd like us to screen? Hire an Executive Assistant to conduct those calls!

You can expect:

  • a full call log who answered and didn't

  •  a description of the call and any next steps discussed

Book either a 1-hour or 6-hour appointment on the day you'd like the calls made. Not sure how how to schedule? Send a message in the "Get in Touch" form, and we can help walk you through booking.

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Resume Review and Interview Prep

We have tips from today's recruiters!

This is one of Epiphany's hottest services right now!

Resumes from 2019 and 2020 are being thrown in the trash. Recruiters are now seeking very particular styles that originated in 2021 and have become the new standard in 2022.

There are two components they want, and we have the Inside scoop!

Book a Resume Review appointment and we will make sure your resume has these two Insider components! We also offer interview prep and can bundle packages uniquely to you!

Get in Touch

Not ready to call or schedule, but want more information? Send us a message!

Please include the following in your message:

Name, email or phone, time zone

We are happy to answer any of your questions and are interested in your unique business ideas or partnership opportunities!

Hours of Operation

Monday through Saturday

8am to 5pm PST

We are closed on Sunday

Thanks for submitting!

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About Us

Founder and CEO

Epiphany Appointments was created and founded by Caitlin Young Ramirez, a business professional and former educator who drives her business ventures with passion, Servant leadership, and purpose. The vision of Epiphany Appointments arrived one prayer morning, and took off from there!

Caitlin is the former Vice President of a new construction startup, and former Humanities Professor. She's taught numerous sections of US History, World Civilizations, and various Humanities courses at the university and community college levels.

Outside of having ten years of professional work experience in academia, HR, and construction, Caitlin has a BA in History from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and MA in History from California State University, Sacramento. She is also midway through a doctoral program studying Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Higher Education and Servant Leadership. 

Caitlin is a wife and mother, and seeks to change the way business operates with critical focuses on empathy, understanding, and leadership at the core of business practice. She hopes to bring positivity to companies around the world, and use Epiphany Appointments as a vessel to accomplish this goal.

10% of all company profits goes to expanding God's kingdom. Come join us! 

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